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2020 Month : July Volume : 9 Issue : 30 Page : 2144-2147

Knowledge, Attitude, and Satisfaction of Patients towards Subcutaneous Port.

Mahnaz Abavisani1, Zakiyeh Amini2, Hosnieh Raoufian3, Akram Gazerani4


Venous access is crucial in patients who need repeated infusions. Infusion of medication through subcutaneous ports has been recognized as a valid method for repeated long-term infusions and has many advantages over other methods. The aim of the present study was to investigate the knowledge, attitude, and satisfaction of patients with subcutaneous port.



In this cross-sectional study, convenient purposeful sampling method was used to select patients with subcutaneous port (n=65) who were admitted to teaching hospitals of the city of Mashhad, Iran. The instruments used in the present study included questionnaires on knowledge, attitudes, and satisfaction of patients with subcutaneous port, which were completed by patients, or the researcher in case the patient is unable to do so. Data analysis was then carried out using descriptive statistics.



The results of the present study showed that 46.6% of patients (n=26) were generally satisfied with port placement and 41.9% considered port placement as a good alternative to vein finding method. A total of 40.3% of patients (n= 25) had low anxiety about complications of port placement and reported pain as the most common complication. Furthermore, a total of 35.7% of patients had sufficient knowledge of the reason of port placement, 31.7% of the procedure, and 40.5% of the associated complications.



Results of the present study provide necessary information regarding port placement perception and knowledge among patients. The results are effective in recognizing perception and knowledge of patients with subcutaneous port and can thus be used to plan patient education and reduce patients’ problems.



Subcutaneous Port, Perception, Knowledge, Patient

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