About Us

  1. Aims and Scope
    • 'Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences' is an open access journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research in all areas of medicine and dentistry.
    • JEMDS aims to provide efficient editorial services through our experienced editors to authors to improve their research articles. JEMDS also strives to make published articles reader friendly by tightening the article and by increased use of images.
  2. Acceptance rate is 60%.
  3. Average time between submission and final decision is 45 days.
  4. Average time between acceptance and publication is 8 days.
  5. Articles submitted to JEMDS will be checked for plagiarism with ithenticate.
  6. Submission of ICMJE Conflict of Interest form is mandatory for all articles.
  7. Improved English language editing and content editing.
  8. Greater emphasis on references and citations.
  9. JEMDS is a member of COPE and follows COPE guidelines on all aspects of publication ethics.
  10. Greater emphasis on methodology than perceived importance of an article.
  11. Covers all departments, both medical and dental.
  12. Reliable and prompt reviewing.
  13. JEMDS is open access and all content is available to end user without login.
  14. Double Blind Peer Review.
  15. Regular publication weekly.
  16. Bibliographic information-
    • Online ISSN-2278-4802
    • Print ISSN- 2278-4748


Date of Last Modification- 30th May 2019