1. Aims and Scope-

    JEMDS is a general medical journal. Our focus is on research that is relevant to patients and clinicians. JEMDS aims to promote excellence in medicine, keep the medical community well-informed, advance standards in the conduct and reporting of medical research in order to maintain the public faith in reporting, and uplift the health of humanity. The journal's coverage extends to all aspects of human health.

    JEMDS publishes original research and review articles of the highest standard. Research published in JEMDS is thoroughly edited and peer-reviewed to make sure that the scientific merit and clinical relevance of its diverse content is of the highest standard. JEMDS meets the needs of physicians by adding to their clinical knowledge and alerts them to current issues affecting the practice of medicine and dentistry worldwide. The blend of original research, reviews, and case reports makes JEMDS an interesting and at the same time an essential journal for medical and dental practitioners.

    JEMDS will consider all research study types from medical and dental researchers, like qualitative studies, cross-sectional studies, before and after studies, case-control studies, cohort studies, diagnostic test studies, modelling studies, economic evaluations, randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews (meta-analyses), study pre-protocols, protocols, and pilot studies.

    We want JEMDS to also be an important educational resource. In order to do this, JEMDS publishes case reports in all disciplines so that medical and dental practitioners can easily find clinically important information on common as well as rare conditions. All case reports are thoroughly reviewed and edited before publication.

  2. Acceptance rate is 60%.
  3. Average time between submission and final decision is 90 days.
  4. Average time between acceptance and publication is 50 days.
  5. Articles submitted to JEMDS will be checked for plagiarism with ithenticate.
  6. Submission of ICMJE Conflict of Interest form is mandatory for all articles from all authors.
  7. Improved English language editing and content editing.
  8. Greater emphasis on references and citations.
  9. JEMDS follows guidelines prescribed by DOAJ, ICMJE, and WAME.
  10. Greater emphasis on methodology than perceived importance of an article.
  11. Covers all departments, medical, dental, nursing and allied health sciences.
  12. Reliable and prompt reviewing.
  13. JEMDS is open access and all content is available to end user without login.
  14. Double Blind Peer Review.
  15. Regular publication monthly.
  16. Bibliographic information-
    • Online ISSN - 2278-4802
    • Print ISSN - 2278-4748


Teaching Faculty (Medical, Dental, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences), Doctors (All Specialities), Dentists (All Specialities), Nurses (OT, Labour Room, Emergency etc.), Technicians (OT, Labour Room, Laboratory, etc.), Epidemiologists, Medical Students, Dental Students, Students of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, and Basic Science Researchers.



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