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2019 Month : September Volume : 8 Issue : 35 Page : 2708-2712

The Influence of Racio-Ethnicity on Gingival Thickness in Dravidian and Mongoloid Population- A Pilot Study

Prabhuji Munivenkatappa Lakshmaiah Venkatesh1, Karthikeyan Bangalore Varadhan2, Kishore Hadal3, Ameya Moghe4, Kamedh Choudhry5, Irfana S. Sabrawala6

Corresponding Author:
Dr. Karthikeyan Bangalore Varadhan,
Department of Periodontics,
Krishnadevareya College of Dental
Sciences, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.



Variations in gingival phenotypes may be influenced by tooth shape, position, age and gender as well as the involvement of confounding factors such as racial and genetic factors which in turn influence the clinical and aesthetic outcome of certain periodontal procedure. Therefore, it is important to comprehend if there is any racial influence on gingival thickness. The current study is designed which is the first of its kind to assess the probable role of Mongoloid and the Dravidian races on gingival thickness if any. The aim of the study was to evaluate as to whether there was any difference in the gingival biotype amongst the Mongoloid and the Dravidian races.


A total of 100 systemically healthy individuals in the age group ranging of 18-30 years belonging to two different ethnic groups; Mongoloid (25 males and 25 females) and Dravidians (25 males and 25 females) were randomly selected for the study from the outpatient Department of Periodontology, Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences, Bangalore, from January to May 2016 for the study. Gingival thickness was assessed in the maxillary and mandibular anteriors at the mid papillary and mid buccal sites by modified digital vernier calliper.


The difference in mean gingival thickness between the Dravidian (maxilla: 1.73±0.09 mm; mandible: 1.40±0.15 mm) and Mongoloid (maxilla: 1.88±0.15 mm; mandible: 1.60±0.18 mm) population was statistically significant.


Within the limitations of the study it can be concluded that racio-ethnicity could have a positive influence on the gingival biotype. Clinicians should therefore take into consideration the possible influence of racial factor while determining the gingival biotype during the diagnostic and prognostic planning.


Gingival Thickness, Digital Vernier Calliper, Biotype

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