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2019 Month : December Volume : 8 Issue : 52 Page : 3904-3908

Incidence and Clinical Outcome of Acute Kidney Injury in Patients with Sepsis Admitted in Multi-Disciplinary Unit in a Tertiary Care Center.

Hussain Khan Tharappel Jalal1, Teju Parankimamoottil Thomas2, Sreedas Gopalakrishnan3, Hamdan Mohammed4

1Department of Medicine, Travancore Medical College, Kollam, Kerala, India. 2 Department of Critical Care Medicine, Travancore Medical College, Kollam, Kerala, India. 3Department of Nephrology, Travancore Medical College, Kollam, Kerala, India. 4Department of Medicine, Travancore Medical College, Kollam, Kerala, India.

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