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2014 Month : August Volume : 3 Issue : 40 Page : 10103-10108


Manish Gupta1, N. Venkatram Reddy2, T. Shankar3, S. Muneeruddin Ahmed4, Juveria Majeed5

Dr. S. Muneeruddin Ahmed,
44/118, Prakash Nagar,
Andhra Pradesh.

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Thyroglossal cyst is a commonly encountered clinical entity resulting due to persistence of Thyroglossal duct and transformation of few embryonic cells into a cyst. It is more common in the supra-hyoid portion of the midline of the neck. The incidence of malignant change in the Thyroglossal cyst is reported as between 1 to 1.8 percent. Papillary carcinoma is common and seen in nearly 80 percent of the cases of the Thyroglossal cysts. Surgical excision with Sistrunk operation is the standard treatment of choice followed by subtotal or total thyroidectomy whenever indicated. Case presentation: A female patient aged 31 years presented with swelling in supra-Hyoid region of the neck. FNAC confirmed Thyroglossal cyst; Histopathology showed de novo papillary carcinoma of thyroid. DISCUSSION: windstorm criteria were used to confirm the diagnosis. Post-operative care was taken to exclude primary in the Thyroid gland. CONCLUSIOINS: Primary Malignancy in the Thyroglossal cyst is a rare entity. It is presented here for its presentation as there was no other malignant focus in the Thyroid gland. Thorough work up is necessary to rule out occult primary.

Keywords: Thyroglossal cyst, Thyroglossal duct, papillary carcinoma of the Thyroid, Sistrunk’s Operation, Occult primary, primary malignancy of Thyroglossal duct and Tc scan.


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