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2020 Month : July Volume : 9 Issue : 30 Page : 2148-2150

A New and Practical Method to Locate Point ANS - A Cephalometric Study.

Pallavi Diagavane1, Priyanka Niranjane2, Puneet Batra3, Ranjit Kamble4, Bhagyashri Chimote5


Diagnosis and treatment planning in skeletal discrepancy and disorders requires radiographic assessment. Disturbance in growth and development alters the morphologic build-up of bony structures, which makes evaluation difficult. Out of these skeletal landmarks Point ANS is seen affected in many conditions like cleft lip and palate, Binders Syndrome, Down’s Syndrome, nasomaxillary hypoplasia, etc., wherein maxilla is mostly affected. Surgical intervention if required needs exact evaluation of point ANS. The purpose of the present study is thus to revisit Point ANS to aid in the cephalometric evaluation in cases where location of Point ANS is difficult; thus, making treatment planning easy.



50 lateral cephalograms were evaluated by taking reference of skeletal landmarks and linear measurements were done.



Linear measurements from Point Ptm’-Ba’, Ba’-ANS’, ANS’-A were found to be proportionally equal with a ratio of 1:1:1.



Linear distance of Point ANS to N perpendicular (ANS’) line was approximately half of the linear distance of Point Ba’-A, while Point ANS is placed approximately 5±2 mm ahead of the line N perpendicular.



ANS, Cleft, Cephalogram


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