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2020 Month : March Volume : 9 Issue : 9 Page : 651-654,

Evaluation of the Masticatory Efficiency Pre- and Post-Periodontal Treatment in Patients with Periodontitis in South Indian Population.

Sangeetha Shankar1, Thamaraiselvan Murugan2

Corresponding Author:
Thamaraiselvan Murugan,
Department of Periodontics,
Saveetha Dental College & Hospitals,
Saveetha Institute of Medical &
Technical Sciences,
162, Poonamalle High Road,
Velappanchavadi, Chennai - 77.



Mastication is the very first step in digestion which facilitates digestion by grinding the food. Masticatory efficiency is regulated by a variety of factors such as health status of periodontium, occlusal contacts, oral musculature and bite force.


A controlled parallel design interventional study was conducted. A total of 40 subjects (40-70 years) attending the Out-Patient Department of Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals, (SIMATS), Chennai, were recruited for the study. Group A or Test group consisted of patients with chronic periodontitis and Group B or Control group had patients with healthy periodontium. Using pre-weighted chewing gum which tend to change colour on mastication, Test and Control groups were asked to masticate for 20 chewing cycles. The chewing gums were then weighed again using the laboratory analytical balance. The above procedure was carried over at baseline, immediate, 1-week and 1-month post-periodontal therapy for every patient belonging to the Test group. The periodontal therapies that were performed were scaling, root planing and flap surgery. The masticatory efficiency was evaluated by comparing the mass of the chewing gum between the Test group and Control group and between each interval within the test group.


The results were calculated statistically using paired t-test. The weight of the chewing gum in Group A at baseline, post 1 week, post 1 month were 1.41 ± 0.23 gms, 0.94 ± 0.43 gms and 0.46 ± 0.35 gms respectively and the control group is 1.1615 ± 0.36 gms.


Within the limitations of the study, we conclude that the masticatory efficacy of patients with periodontitis i.e. those with reduced periodontal tissue support is reduced and did not improve even after periodontal therapy.


Periodontitis, Masticatory Efficiency, Periodontal Therapy


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