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2019 Month : September Volume : 8 Issue : 38 Page : 2881-2885

Evaluating the Pre-Emptive Analgesic Effect of Single Dose Oral Paracetamol in Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy Procedures- A Double Blinded Randomised Controlled Study

Senthil Kumar Kaliannan1, Pavan Kumar Dammalapati2, Khaja Mohideen Sherfudden3

Corresponding Author:
Pavan Kumar Dammalapati,
Consultant Anaesthesiologist,
Department of Anaesthesiology,
Kauvery Hospitals, Trichy,
Tamilnadu, India.



Pain after endoscopic urological surgeries differs from other open surgeries as the pain is mainly due to bladder spasms or catheter related. Pre-emptive analgesia decreases the analgesic requirements perioperatively. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the pre-emptive analgesic effect of oral paracetamol 1000 mg in patients undergoing ureteroscopic lithotripsy procedures.


This is a double blinded randomised controlled study. The study included 60 ASA I –II patients admitted for ureteroscopic lithotripsy procedures. Patients were randomly allocated into two equal groups: group P received oral Paracetamol 1 gm and group C received oral Vitamin C 500 mg as placebo, 1 hour before surgery. The intensity of postoperative pain was measured with 0–10-point Numerical Rating Scale (NRS). Rescue analgesia was given if patients had NRS scores of 4 or more. Time to first rescue analgesia was noted. Statistical analysis was done with Chi square and independent sample t test.


At 3rd, 4th and 5th hour, the pain scores were low in paracetamol group compared to placebo group. Time to rescue analgesia was more in paracetamol group compared to placebo group. Both the parameters were statistically significant.


Oral paracetamol 1 gm used as a pre-emptive analgesia in patients undergoing ureteroscopic lithotripsy procedures, provides excellent analgesia compared to control group with no side effects.


Pre-Emptive Analgesia, Paracetamol, Endoscopic Urological Surgeries

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