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2019 Month : December Volume : 8 Issue : 52 Page : 4002-4004

Impact of Tobacco Addiction on Mean Visual Reaction Time of School Bus Drivers.

Garima Shah1, Rajni Soni2, Manjula Mehta3

Corresponding Author:
Dr. Manjula Mehta,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Physiology,
MGM Medical College,
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.



Visual reaction time is a reliable indicator to assess the processing capability of central nervous system and sensory motor performance in response to an external stimulus. The present study aimed to assess the impact of tobacco addiction on mean visual reaction time among school bus drivers.


A total of 100 male drivers were recruited, of which 74 were non-addicts who served as the control group and 26 were addicts. Background data was recorded using questionnaire and the visual reaction time was recorded for the two groups and compared.


The observations revealed that the visual reaction time was delayed in tobacco addicts as compared to that in controls.


The authors concluded that tobacco addiction may pose a threat as delayed visual reaction time may lead to road traffic accidents.


Tobacco, Reaction Time, Drivers

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